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Although the first mentions about the settlement in the area come from the early 13th century, the city was officially established in 1265 by the King Premysl Otakar II and it has played an important role for the country ever since. Being an outpost to maintain the kings' influence in the region the city also became the capital of the state for a few years during the 30-year war. Until World War II České Budějovice had also been an exemplary demonstration of a peaceful, constructive and fruitful co-habitation of Czech and German-speaking population. 

Nowadays České Budějovice repeatedly ranks among the top 5 cities in various quality-of-life studies not only for its greenery and cleanliness, but also for the low unemployement rate, minimum crime, leisure and study opportunities, sports facilities and much more.



Formally the population of the city counts slightly less than 100 000, however, in reality it is about one third higher as the number does not include all the areas and neighbourhoods physically attached to the city but with their own municipal administration, and, understandably, college and university students are not covered in the official census either.


Sights and landmarks

České Budějovice is a proud holder of a couple of amusing records - such as the largest square square in the country or the biggest fountain. On the other hand, the city boasts picturesque architecture in its valued historic centre, a beautiful main square lined with arcades roofing plentiful cafe gardens and restaurants, a bountiful supply of pubs and bars, and, being home to the world-renowned original Budweiser beer to which it gave its name (Budweis is German for České Budějovice coming from old Czech).

The main sights include the Black tower reaching 72 metres offering a great view of the county from its top observation deck, St. Nicolas cathedral, a Dominican monastery, remnants of the old city walls, the Museum of South Bohemia, the Museum of motorcycles, the historic building of the city hall and many more.

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